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If you do not hear sound, be sure click the speaker to activate the sound.   To join the chat, simply enter your name and start chatting.  There are NO accounts needed.  We can’t make it any easier than that!   PLEASE NOTE – WE WILL NOT BEING UTILIZING THE CHAT ON TWITCH.  All chats will be done here on 

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Live Stream Survey

If you have used the live stream service provided HERE on,  please take this brief survey to better understand how we are doing in providing this service to you.

Streaming Survey
Now that MarkoRadio is video streaming on this website, do you find it easier to use?
If you use the Chat Window, do you like the ease of use of the chat window?
Please rate the quality of the audio on the stream on
Please rate the video quality of the video stream on
Please select ALL shows you view on the Live-Stream.